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Applied behavioral econ job at Capita in London

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Job advertisement at Capita

This is a senior role in a team which designs services for public and private sector clients which influence citizen and customer behaviours. Recent areas of focus include reducing reoffending, improving health behaviours, encouraging pro-environmental behaviours, prompting channel shift, increasing customer retention, and reducing fraud/error/debt. This is a senior role in a growing team, and offers the opportunity to shape how behavioural change is embedded in services which come into contact with 16 million people a day in the UK. Behaviour change is a critical component of Capita’s vision to achieve transformational change for our clients, while improving the quality of end-user experience. The Senior Manager of Behavioural Insight and Intelligence will be tasked over the longer term with supporting the Director of Behavioural Insight & Intelligence, in the development of a new strategic offer to internal and external clients of Capita plc: the integration of behavioural science, field testing and advanced analytics to continuously optimise outcomes. Masters degree or equivalent required

Specific RESPONSIBILITIES in 3 key areas include:

* Business development: Developing Capita’s transformational partnership offer to public and private sector clients, by identifying opportunities for behavioural science to add value to client solutions, and demonstrating resulting improvements across a range of outcomes.
* Building consensus: Working with a range of internal stakeholders, including service designers and solution developers, to understand user and system requirements and develop workable, impactful, behaviourally-led solutions.
* Operations: Ensuring Capita delivers behaviourally-led solutions in new and existing contracts, and enabling businesses to demonstrate the value of doing so
* Ensuring the Behavioural Insight and Intelligence team works in a fully integrated manner with associated teams within Group Marketing, including Service Design, Digital Innovation and Marketing Communications.
* Working to ensure that the various research and insight capabilities within Group Marketing (behavioural insight, analytics, qualitative research, quantitative survey methods) are coordinated to deliver compelling insight propositions to internal and external clients.

* An expert in behavioural science, educated to at least Masters level in psychological science, social psychology, health psychology, decision science, or similar
* Experience in applied behavioural science, ambitious to be at the leading edge of applying their discipline to real world challenges
* A pro-active self-starter, keen to make services more efficient, effective and engaging for users
* Capable of engaging and influencing senior executives, colleagues and clients
* A strategic, blue sky thinker, who is committed to getting the detail right
* Able to work in a team and individually.
* Quantitative research skills
* Commercial awareness

* As the team grows, there may be the potential to take on managerial responsibilities, so experience in a managerial capacity is desired
Personal Attributes
* Enthusiastic and charismatic, capable of engaging and influencing senior executives, colleagues and clients


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