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Decision: a new journal about to launch

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Good news for Judgment and Decision Making researchers: a new APA journal entitled Decision is getting ready to launch. Be on the lookout for its web site in the next weeks. Here are some details.

A journal for research on judgment and decision making

Decision is a multidisciplinary research journal focused on a theoretical understanding of neural, cognitive, social, and economic aspects of judgment and decision-making behavior. Decision will publish articles on all areas related to judgment and decision- making research including probabilistic inference, prediction, evaluation, choice, decisions under risk or uncertainty, and economic games. The journal will publish articles that present new theory or new empirical research addressing theoretical issues or both. To achieve this goal, Decision will publish three types of articles: long articles that make major theoretical contributions, shorter articles that make major empirical contributions attacking important theoretical issues, and brief review articles that target rapidly rising theoretical trends or new theoretical topics in decision making.

Editorial Board

Colin Camerer
Nick Chater
Peter Dayan
Gerd Gigerenzer
Reid Hastie
Mark Machina
Amnon Rapoport
Roger Ratcliff
Valerie Reyna
Jim Sherman
Richard Shiffrin
Josh Tenenbaum
Joyce Wang
Thomas Wallsten
Angela Yu


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