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Postdoc at Columbia University’s Center for the Decision Sciences (CDS)

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When Decision Science News was born, it was born at Columbia’s Center
for the Decision Sciences. Now CDS is hiring again.

Did you know that Decision Science News started while it’s editor was working at Columbia University’s Center for the Decision Sciences? It’s true.

Columbia University’s Center for the Decision Sciences (CDS) anticipates hiring a postdoctoral fellow for a period of a minimum one year with an immediate start date. The position includes a full time salary and health benefits, starting as early as October 15th, 2012 and continuing until January 31st, 2014, with the possibility of renewal.

The main responsibility will be to carry out research related to cognition and memory with an emphasis on decision-making and the construction of preferences across the lifespan, under the supervision of Professors Eric Johnson and Elke Weber. This position is open to candidates with behavioral research experience, data analysis and modeling skills (particularly structural equation models), and training in cognitive psychology or a related discipline, who have recently earned their PhD or who are expecting their doctorate in 2013, on a topic relevant to the psychology of decision making broadly defined. Training in neuropsychology as well as neuroscience and fMRI research would be a particularly valuable skill. Additionally experience with health- and cognitive function screening of older adults and experience with on-line research is also a plus.

The candidate should have experience with running complex structural equation models, factor analysis, and multiple group invariance testing. Experience using Mplus is useful and experience with R is critical. Knowledge of cognitive aging research, especially the distinction between fluid and crystallized intelligence, is desirable.

To apply, please send a CV, two letters of recommendation, reprints of published papers, and a cover letter describing your research interests. In your cover letter, please describe your research expertise, data analysis and modeling skills, neuropsychological and neuroscience skills, and computer skills (including any experience with online research).

Review of applications will start immediately and continue until the position is filled. Electronic applications (all parts as attachments to a single email) should be submitted to zeynep@decisionsciences.columbia.edu.

Columbia University is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer


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