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Four jobs doing behavioral economics in the UK government

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We at Decision Science News have gotten to know and respect the UK Government’s Behavioral Insights Team as a member of its Academic Advisory Group. The team (aka the “nudge unit”) is a smart, small, and highly effective group inside the Cabinet Office (Number 10 Downing Street) that uses behavioral economics to improve government and policy in the UK. They do very good work and have had a number of visible “wins” in their first few years as a team. For this reason, we are excited to pass on the news that they are hiring and have four posts to fill. See a blurb below, with a full posting at: http://tinyurl.com/bit-job

Join the Behavioural Insights Team in the Cabinet Office/Number 10

The Behavioural Insights Team (more commonly referred to as the Nudge Unit) was set up in 2010 to help apply behavioural economics and behavioural psychology to public policy in the UK. It is generally regarded as one of the most innovative parts of the UK Government.

Having built a small, high performing team within the Cabinet Office, we are now looking to build our capacity in response to the growing demand across the public sector. We are looking to recruit up to 4 candidates.

Successful candidates will need to show that they:
1. have a good understanding of the behavioural science literature
2. have an understanding and ideally ability to conduct randomised controlled trials to test policy interventions; and
3. are highly motivated individuals capable of developing innovative solutions to often complex policy problems.
4. are strong team players

Candidates should be prepared to work on potentially any aspect of government or wider public sector policy. For example, over the past year the team has led work on health, energy, fraud, electoral registration, charitable giving, consumer affairs, the labour market, and access to finance for SMEs.

We would welcome applications from individuals looking to join the team on a part-time basis, for example while finishing PhDs.

Joining Cabinet Office – Flexible Resourcing and Development (FRD)

Joining us means you become part of the Cabinet Office Flexible Resourcing arrangements, the benefits of which include an opportunity to work in an organisation where the emphasis is placed on development as well as delivery, helping ensure people get the most out of the experience during their time with us.

In addition to working on interesting and challenging project work you will also get a dedicated development manager and join one of our 9 development streams. You will be actively encouraged and supporting to think about your development plan and share your skills, experience and expertise with others.


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