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Health has a major impact on both individuals and nations. Health problems
can impact a person’s emotional, financial and social state; they can also
affect a nation’s financial and social standing. Indeed, countries across
the globe are currently battling the increasing costs of health care
delivery, while others are trying to modernize their systems. Furthermore,
most nations face similar health related challenges such as reducing
unhealthy behaviors (poor diet and smoking), increasing healthy behaviors
(exercising), assisting disadvantaged population gain better access to
health services, and improving adherence to medical treatment.

According to the Surgeon General’s Office the leading causes of mortality in
the U.S. have substantial behavioral components. It is no wonder, therefore,
that both psychologists and economists have been among the pioneers in
studying components associated with health behaviors and have provided a
range of successful behaviorally based prevention and treatment options.
Yet, the sheer extent of these problems calls for a more interdisciplinary
approach. In recent years a growing number of researchers have turned to
behavioral and experimental economics in the hopes of providing additional
insights to facilitate positive health behavior changes.

The aim of this special issue is to bring together the latest research in
behavioral and experimental economics on health related issues, stimulate
cross disciplinary exchange of ideas (theories, methods and practices)
between health economists and psychologists, and provide an opportunity to
simulate novel and creative ways to tackle some of the most important health
challenges we currently face. This special issue will be of interest not
only to a diverse range of researchers but to health professionals,
practitioners and policy makers alike.

With this call for papers, we hope to attract manuscripts that are
outstanding empirical and/or theoretical exemplars of research on any health
related topic from a behavioral and/or experimental economic perspective. We
anticipate studies will focus on a range of topics, including, but not
limited to: Smoking, Dietary choices, Adherence to treatment, Decision
making, Risk taking behavior, Choice architecture, Information asymmetry and
use of monetary incentives to alter behavior. We expect papers to reflect a
variety of methodologies but to highlight implications of the research for
practitioners and policy makers.

Authors should submit a short proposal (maximum of 400 words) that outlines
the plan for a full manuscript* to Yaniv Hanoch, PhD *and* Eric Andrew
Finkelstein*, PhD, guest editors for the special issue, by *March 1, 2012*.
The proposal should outline the study question, methods and findings of the
proposed submission and note how the paper will align with the theme of the
special issue. *Submissions are due August 1, 2012.* Papers should be
prepared in full accord with the *Health Psychology* Instructions to Authors
and submitted through the Manuscript Submission
All manuscripts will be peer reviewed. Some papers not included in a
specific special section may be accepted for publication in *Health
Psychology* as regular papers. Please indicate in the cover letter
accompanying your manuscript that you would like to have the paper
considered for the Special Series on Health Psychology meets Behavioral


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