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Third of three special JDM journal issues on the Recognition Heuristic

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The journal Judgment and Decision Making has published the third special issue on “Recognition processes in inferential decision making (III)” edited by Julian N. Marewski, Rüdiger F. Pohl and Oliver Vitouch.  At first, there was supposed to be just one special issue on the topic, but so many good articles were received it was expanded to two (which explains our older post referring to “first of two” special issues) and now it has been expanded again to a third and final issue. All the articles address the recognition heuristic [Goldstein, D. G. & Gigerenzer, G. (2002). Models of ecological rationality: The recognition heuristic. Psychological Review, 109, 75-90.]

This volume features a nice article by John Hauser, an MIT Marketing prof and a new contributor to JDM, on how recognition-based heuristics relate to the marketing literature. We at DSN think this is a very promising area for future research.

Recognition-based judgments and decisions: What we have learned (so far), pp. 359-380.
Julian N. Marewski, Rüdiger F. Pohl and Oliver Vitouch

Effects of ignorance and information on judgments and decisions, pp. 381-391.
Peter Ayton, Dilek Önkal and Lisa McReynolds

The beauty of simple models: Themes in recognition heuristic research, pp. 392-395.
Daniel G. Goldstein and Gerd Gigerenzer

A marketing science perspective on recognition-based heuristics (and the fast-and-frugal paradigm), pp. 396-408.
John Hauser

Recognising the recognition heuristic for what it is (and what it’s not), pp. 409-412.
Ben R. Newell

The limited value of precise tests of the recognition heuristic, pp. 413-422.
Thorsten Pachur

On the use of recognition in inferential decision making: An overview of the debate, pp. 423-438.
Rüdiger F. Pohl

Photo adapted from S. M. Daselaar, M. S. Fleck, and R. Cabeza. (2006) Triple Dissociation in the Medial Temporal Lobes: Recollection, Familiarity, and Novelty. Journal of Neurophysiology 96, 1902-1911.


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