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Social Psychology professorship in Basel, Switzerland

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The University of Basel, Switzerland has an very strong psychology department going under dean Ralph Hertwig (DSN has visited to confirm this). If you are looking for a job in the heart of Europe, this is an attractive one.

Not that you should apply for other reasons than intrinsic motivation, but we should mention that Swiss academic salaries are really, really high.

The Department of Psychology of the University of Basel, Switzerland, invites applications for a professorship in social psychology, with the appointment to begin by February 1, 2012.

The successful candidate’s research focus will be in the area of social cognition. Research activities in additional areas – for example, consumer psychology, marketing, or experimental economics – are desirable. The successful candidate will represent social psychology as a core discipline at the bachelor’s and master’s levels with respect to both research and teaching (seminars and lectures may be held in English). At the master’s level, the teaching of social psychology will be coordinated with that of economic psychology and decision science.

Applicants should have demonstrated a high level of academic productivity and applied successfully for research grants. They should further be committed to teaching and to university and departmental administrative service.

Depending on the successful candidate’s qualifications, the position will be filled at the level of full, associate, or assistant professor.

The University of Basel offers attractive terms of employment, a modern infrastructure, and a stimulating scientific environment (www.unibas.ch). Because the University of Basel actively seeks to increase the number of women on its faculty, women are particularly encouraged to apply.

To ensure full consideration, all application materials (CV, teaching statement, and teaching evaluations if available) should be submitted electronically by May 31, 2011 to karin.hettinger@unibas.ch.

For further information, please contact Ralph Hertwig (ralph.hertwig@unibas.ch).


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