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Credible postdocs in decision architecture

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Thanksgiving is the time to eat with family, to attend homecoming games, and to find postdoctoral positions. (International readers may ignore this paragraph, except for the idea that late November is a fine season to hunt postdocs).

In a Decision Science News first, one (1) Center is offering two (2) postdocs on two (2) campuses. Regardless of which side of the Mason-Dixon line you choose to lay your head, there is a CRED (Center for Research on Environmental Decisions) postdoc for you. What’s more you’ll be working under the supervision of Eric Johnson & Elke Weber (under whose tutelage Decision Science News built is vast media empire) or Rick Larrick (who is competing with his co-author Jack Soll for sweeping the likeable*smart category in the 2012 Olympics).

The Center for Research on Environmental Decisions (CRED) is hiring two postdocs who will work on Decision Architecture projects related to energy consumption and related environmentally relevant decisions over the next two years. One postdoc will be located at Columbia University, working with Eric Johnson and Elke Weber, the other will be located at Duke University, working with Rick Larrick. Qualified applicants are invited to apply for either one or both positions.

For more information, click on the links below:

Duke Postdoc
Columbia Postdoc


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