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How to decide on a password

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Most of us use the same password for many sites. And most of us have thought that it would be a good idea to use different passwords for different sites. But then many of us fear that if we do this, we are tempting fate to forget or lose some of those passwords.

So, many of us have thought about making a different password for each site by combining some part of the site’s name with our standard password. So, for example, if your standard password is mypass123:

Your Gmail password might be mypass123_gmail and
your eBay password might be mypass123_ebay and
your Facebook password might be mypass123_facebook
(or perhaps something a bit less obvious)

This beats using the same password everywhere, but it is kind of clunky.

Along comes password chart. You can give it your standard password and enter the site for which you wish to have a password created. Out pops a much longer and more secure password than you would generate on your own.

The best part is that if you ever forget your strong password, you can go back to password chart, pop in the base password and the site name, and you’ve recovered your secure password. Easy!

Though these are browser-based tools, they do not send your password over the internet. You can even save the code to your local machine and run it offline if you’re doubtful. The code is free and open to inspect.

Here’s another tool that does basically the same thing: http://blog.tetrack.com/2009/02/too-many-passwords/


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