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Design a nudge. Win five grand. Change the world.

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Richard Thaler writes

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is sponsoring a contest to come up with ideas for improvements in choice architecture, or “nudges”, that can improve health, broadly defined. You can find a description of it on our nudging blog or at http://www.changemakers.net/en-us/designingforbetterhealth

This initiative might be interesting to JDMers at two levels. First, it is a contest to come up with ideas of the sort that JDMers are good at so feel free to enter. Second, the idea of using a contest to generate solutions to societal problems is of interest in and of itself. The prizes for the winners are nominal, $5000, (unlike the X prize, for example), but the Foundation has funds to pour significant resources behind winning ideas. So the idea is that you can get lots of clever people to think about an important problem by dangling a modest bit of fame and fortune and you might come up with something that could change the world. Cool huh?

Read about it on the Nudge blog
Read about it on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation site
Read about it at the Changemakers site

They have some nice tips on designing nudges in the articles How To Nudge and Nudge Your Customers Toward Better Choices.


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