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Get your R on

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Impressive statistical computing types like Andrew Gelman, Gary King, and others will be presenting at this year’s useR! conference. Decision Science News might just have to hop over and check it out. The program looks great. Those interested in learning R might be interested in our Decision Science News R tutorials one and two.

About the Conference

useR! 2008, the R user conference, takes place at the Fakultät Statistik, Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany from 2008-08-12 to 2008-08-14. Pre-conference tutorials will take place on August 11.
The conference is organized by the Fakultät Statistik, Technische Universität Dortmund and the Austrian Association for Statistical Computing (AASC). It is funded by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing.

Following the successful useR! 2004, useR! 2006, and useR! 2007 conferences, the conference is focused on

1. R as the “lingua franca” of data analysis and statistical computing,
2. providing a platform for R users to discuss and exchange ideas how R can be used to do statistical computations, data analysis, visualization and exciting applications in various fields,
3. giving an overview of the new features of the rapidly evolving R project.

As for the predecessor conference, the program consists of two parts:

1. invited lectures discussing new R developments and exciting applications of R,
2. user-contributed presentations reflecting the wide range of fields in which R is used to analyze data.

A major goal of the useR! conference is to bring users from various fields together and provide a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas: both in the formal framework of presentations as well as in the informal part of the conference in Dortmund’s famous beer pubs and restaurants.

Prior to the conference, on 2008-08-11, there are tutorials offered at the conference site. Each tutorial has a length of 3 hours and takes place either in the morning or afternoon.