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A job in research paradise

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Decision Science News got its start at the Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition in Berlin, Germany and can attest that it is one of the sweetest, if not the sweetest, research posts on the planet. All research, no teaching, and next to zero admin. The rank is equivalent to assistant professor. The well-heeled institute pays for all travel and research costs. The support staff to faculty ratio is incredibly high. In addition, Berlin speaks English, has great nightlife, and sits between Eastern and Western Europe.

The Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, under the direction of Gerd Gigerenzer, is seeking applicants for a research scientist position equivalent to an assistant professor. The position is for 6 years (renewable every 2 years) beginning August 2008, but earlier or later start dates are possible. Salary depends on experience. Candidates must have a PhD. Except for mentoring doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows, there are no teaching requirements.

Candidates should be interested in studying the cognitive mechanisms underlying bounded, social, and ecological rationality in real-world domains. Current and past researchers in our group have backgrounds in psychology, cognitive science, economics, mathematics, biology, and computer science to name but a few. The center provides excellent resources, including support staff and equipment for conducting experiments and computer simulations, generous travel support for conferences, and, most importantly, the time to think.

For more information about our group please visit our homepage at www.mpib-berlin.mpg.de/abc or write researchscientist2008 (at) mpib-berlin.mpg.de. The working language of the center is English, and knowledge of German is not necessary for living in Berlin and enjoying the active life and cultural riches of this city. We strongly encourage applications from women, and members of minority groups. The Max Planck Society is committed to employing more individuals with disabilities and especially encourages them to apply.

Please submit applications (consisting of a cover letter describing research interests, curriculum vitae, up to five reprints, and 3 letters of recommendation) by January 21st 2008 to ensure consideration. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. The preferred method of submission is a single PDF file for the cover letter and CV, plus PDF copies of the reprints e-mailed to researchscientist2008 (at) mpib-berlin.mpg.de. Alternatively, they can be mailed to Ms. Wiebke Moeller, Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Lentzeallee 94, 14195 Berlin, Germany. Letters of recommendation can be emailed or mailed.

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