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5 Ivy League Jobs

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If you like ivy and decision-making, it may be a good time to dust off your CV. Decision Science News has new announcements from Wharton and Brown this week, and links to previous posts at Cornell, Princeton, and Harvard.

I. Wharton

The OPIM Department at the Wharton School is home to faculty with a diverse set of interests in decision-making, information technology, information strategy, operations management, and operations research. We are seeking applications for tenure-track positions starting in the 2008-2009 academic year.

Applicants must have the potential for excellence in research and teaching in the OPIM Department’s areas of concern. Rank is open. Ph.D. is required.

Applications consisting of PDF files with
(i) a one-page cover letter
(ii) a resume or CV
(iii) at least one research paper
(iv) three contacts for letters of recommendation
(v) a list of any upcoming conferences at which you plan to present your work
should be entered at http://opim.wharton.upenn.edu/home/recruiting.html

The department will begin reviewing applications on November 15, 2007. To ensure full consideration, materials should be received by November 15th, but applications will continue to be reviewed until appointments are made.

The University of Pennsylvania is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Minorities, females, individuals with disabilities, and veterans are encouraged to apply.

II. Brown

Department of Psychology, Brown University

The Department of Psychology at Brown University anticipates making
several new hires over the next three years to develop areas of
strength in Social Psychology and Human Memory/Attention. As the
first step in this effort, the Department is currently seeking Senior
Level (Associate or Full Professor) applicants for positions in each
of these areas.

For the social psychology position, we are particularly interested in
applicants whose research interests focus on social cognition and
whose work makes contact with one or more of the following areas:
judgment and decision making, evolutionary psychology and ecological
bases for social reasoning, game theory and strategic interaction.
Applications should be submitted to Prof. Joachim Krueger, Chair of
the Social Psychology Search Committee.

The research focus for the human memory/attention position is open,
and applicants utilizing purely behavioral, computational, or
cognitive neuroscience (e.g., EEG, fMRI) approaches will all be
considered. Applications should be submitted to Prof. William
Heindel, Chair of the Human Memory/Attention Search Committee.

Brown has a highly interactive research environment in the behavioral
and brain sciences, including the Department of Cognitive &
Linguistic Sciences, the multidisciplinary Brain Science Program, and
the new neuroimaging facility. We expect successful candidates for
both positions to have proven records of (1) excellence in research,
(2) the ability to obtain research funding, and (3) contributions to
undergraduate and graduate teaching and mentoring. Interested
applicants should submit a curriculum vitae, copies of reprints and
preprints of publications, a statement of research and teaching
interests, and the names of five referees to the Chair of the
appropriate search committee, Department of Psychology, Brown
University, Box 1853, Providence RI 02912. Applications received by
December 15, 2007 will receive full consideration. Brown University
is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Minorities and
women are especially encouraged to apply.

III. Several Cornell jobs are advertised in the current SJDM newsletter.

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