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What to do with the social Web’s data?

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DSN recommends this workshop for decision researchers interested in the making the most of the rich social data that is increasingly available online.

This workshop addresses a new online phenomenon: social data analysis, that is, collective analysis of data supported by social interaction.

In the last few months a new class of web site has emerged that enables users to upload and collectively analyze many types of data. These systems range from pure research projects to commercial business ventures. Sites like Many Eyes, Swivel and Data360 have attracted visualization fans, data geeks, journalists, scientists, and concerned citizens. The blogosphere has also taken notice, and bloggers frequently post about the ways in which they use these sites, the visualizations they create, and the data they upload.

The goals of this workshop are to:

1) Bring together, for the first time, the social data analysis community
2) Examine the design of social data analysis sites today
3) Discuss the role that visualizations play in social data analysis
4) Explore how users are utilizing the various sites that allow them to exchange data-based insights.

We seek researchers and practitioners whose work explores social data analysis and/or social uses of visualizations. We hope for a lively mix of people actively involved in building sites and academics who study the dynamics of social software.

Individuals interested in participating should submit a 2-4 page position paper describing experience with a social data analysis initiative, a proposed initiative, or an analysis of an issue of importance in this area.

Submission deadline: October 3, 2007

Papers should conform to the CHI 2008 Extended Abstracts format and should be emailed to:

social-data-analysis at lists.berkeley.edu

PDF of call for participation