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A new and different kind of journal

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Decision Science News looks with intrigue bordering on fascination at a new chimera called Applied Economics Research Bulletin.

Some of the unusual features:

Happy being a rest stop on the way to established journals – As they say “We expect that manuscripts published in the Applied Economics Research Bulletin will, in some cases, form the foundations for more refined works that will subsequently be submitted to other leading journals.”

Immediate dissemination – Papers can be published within days or even hours of submission

No manuscript style – Writers rejoice. Also nice for attracting interdisciplinary authors.

No Editor – Just article editors, no pukka sahib.

Non-commercial, open access – Web-based, no subscription fee, author keeps the copyright

Big names – The advisory board and associate editors list includes some very big names in economics and marketing.

Decision Science News’ nutshell:

Applied Economics Research Bulletin – It’s like SSRN meets peer review.