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Postdoc at Stanford – Deadline Feb 28, 2007

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The Graduate School of Business at Stanford University anticipates appointing a Postdoctoral Fellow in Social and Organizational Behavior for a period of one to two years, with a starting date of September 2007. The Postdoctoral Fellow will serve as Co-director of the Behavioral Laboratory along with another Postdoctoral Fellow and will coordinate several ongoing research projects. The position will not require any teaching. Salary will be competitive. Hiring is contingent upon budgetary approval.

Stanford has a growing community of researchers who explore basic and applied problems at the social psychological level of analysis. There is a colloquium series as well as several doctoral level seminars in which a Postdoctoral Fellow could participate. We will select an applicant who plans to work collaboratively on research with one or more of the psychologically oriented faculty members in the organizational behavior program (Francis Flynn, Deborah Gruenfeld, Chip Heath, Roderick Kramer, Brian Lowery, Joanne Martin, Dale Miller, Margaret Neale, Jeffrey Pfeffer, Charles O’Reilly, Elizabeth Mullen, and Larissa Tiedens) and/or in the marketing program (Jennifer Aaker, Baba Shiv, Itamar Simonson, and Christian Wheeler). The Stanford GSB Web page (https://gsbapps.stanford.edu/facultybios/) provides some detail about research interests.

This position is open to candidates who have recently earned their PhD degree, or who are expecting their PhD in 2007, in any area of psychology, organizational behavior, or marketing. Familiarity with methods of experimentation at the social psychological level of analysis is important. In particular, experience in conducting computer, web-based, and interpersonal interaction-based experiments is a plus.

Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae, two letters of recommendation, and a cover letter describing their research interests and accomplishments to Brian Lowery, 518 Memorial Way, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305. In addition, they should indicate one or two faculty members with whom they would be most interested in working. Applications are welcome immediately, and they should be received by February 28, 2007 to receive full consideration. Additionally, curriculum vitae should be submitted online to the SU Jobs website. To submit online, please visit our website: http://jobs.stanford.edu/find_a_job.html and use the following requisition number: 23536; click on “apply” at bottom of page, highlight the requisition number, and copy and paste (or upload) your resume and submit.

Questions concerning the position can be addressed by electronic mail to Brian Lowery at Lowery_Brian at gsb dot stanford dot edu

Stanford University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.