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Neuroeconomics Summer School at Stanford

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This year’s Summer School in Neuroeconomics will take place July 17 – July 28, 2006 at Stanford. The application deadline is March 15th, 2006, so you’d better hurry.

The organizers inlcude Colin Camerer (Caltech), Paul Glimcher (NYU), and Antonio Rangel (Stanford). The aim of the Stanford Summer School in Neuroeconomics is to provide an introduction to the new field of neuroeconomics to graduate students and post-docs in neuroscience, psychology, and economics.

Part of the meeting will focus on “computational neuroeconomics”, which provides the unifying framework for the field, and a common language for the three related fields. This part of the program describes state-of-the art models of how the brain makes economic decisions (Which variables are computed? How are they computed? How do they interact with each other to generate choices?) The other part of the program covers several experimental techniques and their applications to neuroeconomics. The program also includes daily research talks by leading scholars in the field and a student project.

Graduate students and post-doctoral scholars in neuroscience, psychology, and economics are invited to apply. Those interested in attending the course should send the materials listed below by e-mail no later MARCH 15, 2006. 40 applicants will be selected and notified by email in mid-April, 2006.

For more information visit http://neuroeconomics-summerschool.stanford.edu/