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Risk Analysis 2006

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Risk Analysis 2006 will be held 19 – 21 June 2006 in Malta, Spain. Risk Analysis 2006 is the fifth in this popular conference series on “Computer Simulation in Risk Analysis and Hazard Mitigation”. Covering a series of important topics, which are of current research interest and have practical applications, the conference is concerned with all aspects of risk analysis and hazard mitigation, ranging from specific assessment of risk to mitigation associated with both natural and anthropogenic hazards.

The analysis and management of risk and the mitigation of hazards is of fundamental importance to planners and researchers around the world. We live in an increasingly complex society with the potential for disasters on a worldwide scale. The advances in computational methods and the ability to model systems more precisely now enable hazards to be quantified, their effects to be simulated and risk analysis to be pursued with greater accuracy, providing far more effective risk management. These developments are not only important for all areas of human endeavor but have particular relevance to environmental issues where the risks involved are increasingly seen as substantial. Effective risk management and the mitigation of possible hazards have become a high priority of government and public concern.

Risk 2006 follows on from the other successful meetings in this series, which first started in Valencia, Spain (1998) and continued in Bologna, Italy (2000), Sintra, Portugal (2002) and most recently in Rhodes, Greece (2004).

Who Should Attend?

Engineers and managers involved in the development of simulated risk analysis as well as researchers in academia and industry who are concerned with these problems. The meeting acts as an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of problems of common interest.


– Risk mitigation
– Estimation of risk
– Hazard prevention, management and control
– Data collection and analysis
– Information society technologies in risk

Specific Issues
– Man-made risk
– Seismic hazard
– Marine and maritime risk
– Landslides and slope movements
– Floods and droughts
– Soil, water and air contamination
– Health issues
– Policy and decision making
– Risk and sustainability

Operational issues
– Energy response
– Risk communication
– Risk perception

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