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Few things are more important to teach than decision making

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The Interuniversity Decision Behavior Teaching Repository is a harbor for materials on teaching decision making from the world over. The project was started up by J. Frank Yates, with the help of a National Science Foundation grant. In his words:

“The future of judgment and decision making scholarship depends directly on how widely and how well the subject is taught, at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels.

The Repository is intended to be a living storehouse of materials useful to anyone who is interested in teaching decision behavior topics in a dedicated course (e.g., Decision Processes) or within more general courses (e.g., Introduction to Political Science, Finance, Operations Management, Interpersonal Relationships, Clinical Diagnosis).”

Decision researchers are urged to use the resources already in the Repository and to contribute their own: syllabi, exercises, readings, demonstrations, commentaries, assignments, and beyond.

DSN will keep its eyes on the repository and hopes to find much to promote there.