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Interdisciplinary research conference in honor of Dick Wittink

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Yale Center for Consumer Insights at the Yale School of Management

May 4-6, 2006

Deadline for Submitting Abstracts: February 1, 2006

Abstracts are invited for the 2nd annual conference to be held at the Yale School of Management on May 4 – 6, 2006. This year’s conference, sponsored by the Yale Center for Customer Insights and the Marketing Science Institute, is to commemorate and honor Dick Wittink’s commitment to multidisciplinary and collaborative research, and his belief that there is great value in gathering together scholars and practitioners who are collaborating on rigorous and relevant research.

The inaugural conference, held last year from December 10-12, 2005 had over 100 attendees, with one third executives and two third academics. Participants included people from all over the US and representing over forty schools. Corporate representation included IBM, Intel, P&G, Coca Cola, CVS, Lufthansa, and Dream Works Pictures. The conference was also attended by people from other countries such as Holland, Germany, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, and Singapore.

Abstracts on any of the following topics are welcomed:

*Behavioral Decision Theory
*Consumer Preference Measurement
*Health Care
*ROI Based Marketing
*Scanner Data & Econometric Modeling

Abstracts should be two pages, double-spaced. They will be reviewed by the conference committee comprised of Ravi Dhar, Subrata Sen, and K. Sudhir (Yale); Pradeep Chintagunta, (Chicago); Peter Leeflang, (Groningen); David Reibstein, (Wharton); and Naufel Vilcassim, (LBS).

Conference sessions of ninety minutes each will allow for the presentation of three papers. Abstracts should be sent to Eugenia.hayes at yale.edu by February 1, 2006. Presenters will be notified by March 1, 2006.

The registration fee is $200. The registration form can be downloaded from our website www.cci.som.yale.edu.

The registration deadline is April 1, 2006. Presenter’s registration fee, travel, and hotel expenses will be paid by the Yale Center for Customer Insights.

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