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Because acting ethically is a decision

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London Business School invites submissions to the third in a series of international corporate responsibility conferences (following the Haas conference in 2005 and the Boston conference in 2003). Topics for inclusion range widely but those of particular interest explore the implications of corporate responsibility, globalization and global business for business and marketing strategy. Research papers can be either empirical or conceptual. A selection of papers presented will be considered for a special issue of the California Management Review.

Abstracts must clearly identify your research question(s) and the actual/proposed methodology used. You will receive notice by January 31st, 2006 as to whether your topic has been selected for inclusion in the conference. Authors of successful submissions will be invited to submit a paper.

Please submit a maximum 500-word abstract of your topic to ncsmith at london.edu

Proposal submission deadline December 31st, 2005.

Topic areas include the following:

Consumer behavior, branding & corporate responsibility

· Brand equity as a driver of attention to corporate responsibility (e.g., how does corporate responsibility affect consumer behavior?)
· Vulnerabilities of global brands to corporate responsibility failures
· Cause-related marketing and corporate responsibility

Marketing mix and corporate responsibility issues

· Socially responsible pricing (e.g., essential medicines)
· Environmental impacts of products and packaging
· Supply chains and ethical sourcing (e.g., preventing sweatshops, supply chain monitoring and compliance)

Developing strategies for corporate responsibility

· Developing corporate responsibility strategies, including auditing the business and formulating corporate responsibility objectives
· Culture-specific interpretations of corporate responsibility, including developing country versus developed-country perceptions of corporate responsibility issues
· Strategies for the “Bottom of the Pyramid” (e.g., business opportunities in poor communities of developing countries, limitations of BOP strategies)

Corporate responsibility organization and management

· “Mainstreaming” corporate responsibility (embedding corporate responsibility in the day-to-day activities of the firm)
· Effective stakeholder engagement (e.g., developing stakeholder engagement skills, differences in stakeholder expectations across countries)
· Employees as drivers of attention to corporate responsibility

Metrics & reporting

· Measuring social and environmental performance of the global firm
· Linking corporate responsibility performance to economic performance and marketing metrics (e.g., sales, market share, brand equity)
· Social reporting challenges (e.g., effective communications, consumer backlash, legal, etc.)

Conference co-chairs:

N. Craig Smith, London Business School C.B. Bhattacharya, School of Management, Boston University David Levine, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.

The London Business School is grateful to the following sponsors for their financial support of this conference: Aspen Institute, Boston University, California Management Review, the Haas School of Business Center for Responsible Business (University of California, Berkeley), and London Business School.