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JDM 2005

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The JDM conference is underway, and Decision Science News is there, in fact posting from the lobby.

9:20 AM Canada is a crisp 45 something degrees. The registration table is open (and outside the Essex ballroom on the 2nd floor), and much more is bound to happen.

Saturday One psychologist, with only 4 hours prep time, has to cover for a colleague who had to back out at the last minute. The result: hilarious improvisation.

Sunday Robyn Dawes gives a talk on the (non)value of interviews, which is not only informative, but hilarious.

Sunday night Dancing, which only started at JDM Dallas ’98, is now quite popular. The conference took over the entire Fez Batik club, and afterpartied across the street.

Monday afternoon Well, that’s about it for the JDM conference. Paul Slovic gave a compelling talk on genocide: one of several at the conference on charitable appeals.

Toute Corte: DSN has noticed that the SJDM conference is trending social-psychological. More affect, fewer probabilities.