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The Society for Neuroeconomics

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The Society for Neuroeconomics
promotes the research and dissemination of knowledge in neuroeconomics. The society was incorporated in 2005 after meeting informally at workshops and other meetings over the last five years.

What is Neuroeconomics?

Neuroeconomics is a multidisciplinary research field incorporating neuroscience, economics, and psychology aimed at developing an understanding of how we make choices. It looks at the brain when we evaluate decisions, categorize risks and rewards, and when we interact with others. (from Wikipedia)

“Neuroeconomics is an interdisciplinary research program with the goal of building a biological model of decision making in economic environments. Neuroeconomists ask, how does the embodied brain enable the mind (or groups of minds) to make economic decisions? By combining techniques from cognitive neuroscience and experimental economics we can now watch neural activity in real time, observe how this activity depends on the economic environment, and test hypotheses about how the emergent mind makes economic decisions. Neuroeconomics allows us to better understand both the wide range of heterogeneity in human behavior, and the role of institutions as ordered extensions of our minds.” (from the Neuroeconomics Explained post from professor Kevin McCabe’s Weblog)

Read more about Neuroeconomics here.

The Society for Neuroeconomics Current Officers:


Colin Camerer

Aldo Rustichini

Chief Information Officer:
Kevin McCabe

Immediate Past President:
Paul Glimcher

Full Program of the last Society conference, with abstracts