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SMDM Annual Meeting

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This year’s SMDM Annual Meeting will take place from October 21-24, 2005 in San Francisco, CA. The meeting hotel is the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco.

The theme of the 2005 meeting will be Translating Medical Decision Making Research into Practice. We plan to highlight the ways in which decision science – ranging from decision analysis, clinical decision aids, cost-effectiveness analysis, and clinical modeling is translated into clinical care and health system operations. We encourage submission of abstracts in all relevant areas, with a particular emphasis on this year’s theme of translating knowledge into practice. As we will have an overlapping session with ISOQOL, we are also interested in abstracts of interest to members of both societies. Abstracts for all oral and poster presentations will be selected by reviewers representing a range of disciplines, who are blinded to authorship.

We will be featuring distinguished speakers presenting cutting-edge research that highlights the importance of the psychological context within which medical decision making occurs. Our goal is to begin a conversation among the membership about the importance of the underlying psychological processes of medical decision making and to continue to build on this theme in the coming years.

The Society for Medical Decision Making’s mission is to improve health outcomes through the advancement of proactive systematic approaches to clinical decision making and policy-formation in health care by providing a scholarly forum that connects and educates researchers, providers, policy-makers, and the public.

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