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SPSP 2006 Pre-Conference in Palm Springs, CA

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All are invited to attend and present at the first ever Pre-Conference on Judgment and Decision Making preceding the January 2006 SPSP meeting in Palm Springs, CA. The inaugural JDM@SPSP pre-conference will be held during the evening of January 25th and during the day of January 26.

The goal of the JDM@SPSP pre-conference is to highlight the emerging nexus of social, personality, judgment, and decision making research. The meeting features an exciting lineup of speakers:

Barry Schwartz
Brian Knutson
Daniel Gilbert
Daniel Kahneman
George Loewenstein
Jennifer Lerner
Norbert Schwarz
Tom Gilovich

With generous support from the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, and the NSF’s programs on Social Psychology and Decision, Risk and Management Science, the pre-conference will offer 20 competitive travel scholarships ($300) to graduate students who are first author on a poster. In addition, all graduate students who register for JDM@SPSP will receive a 1-year (2005) subscription to the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. The deadline for poster submissions is December 1.

Registration is now open and will close when our limited space is filled or December 31, whichever comes first.

Dan Ariely, Jennifer Lerner, Leif Nelson and Leaf Van Boven